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Description and features. rostabil ddpp (diisodecyl phenyl phosphite) is a clear liquid which has c 26 h 47 o 3 p as chemical formula. it is an alkyl-aryl phosphite which finds its application as a color and processing stabilizer in abs, polycarbonate, polyurethane, coatings and pet fiber where regulatory approval for food contact is not required.it can be used as a secondary stabilizer to ...

A phosphite is a salt of phosphorous acid. the phosphite ion is a polyatomic ion with a phosphorus central atom where phosphorus has an oxidation state of +3. synthesis of phosphite esters :-organophosphorus compounds called phosphite esters have the formula (ro)3p. they are prepared by reacting phosphorus trichloride (or phosphorus tribromide ...

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With the increasing demand from its construction and automotive industries, brazil is a major consumer of butylated triphenyl phosphate in the latin american region. the asia-pacific region accounted for the largest market share in the butylated triphenyl phosphate market in 2015, and this large share is mainly attributed to the large ...

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